What a month!! so much thus numerous exercises going on right now in Maharashtra. Coronavirus case are at new high now, 2020 Kissan bill went in both the parliament, political decision in Bihar, China Border Tension yet in the wake of viewing the news channel it would appear that right now the Drugs is more significant the all the above issues. 

Presently the inquiry is to our Maharashtra Govt. what's happening?? SSR murder was changed over into self destruction, Disha Murder was changed over into self destruction too. Presently the entire Bollywood into Drugs case. 

On 23rd Sep 2020, NCB send Summon to Deepika Padukone, from the preferred talk it was come out that Deepika requesting quiet from her Manager Karishma Prakash. The visit was likewise fascinating, it was obviously referenced on talk, which was done on 28th Oct 2017 around 10pm. Where Deepika requesting Hush rather than weed from her chief. Will clarify in detail last what there in the visit. 

Will Deepika Padukone go to Jail? at the present time separated from the various enormous issue and inquiries in India, this is moving the most, wherever in web-based media stage additionally in news channel. In any case, we like to disclose to you that, it won't be that simple for NCB, from the sources we are getting the news that NCB had some strong proof against her, also Deepika had her lawful group effectively prepared in Mumbai in which 12 Lawyers are there. At the present time, all her PR office and group of attorneys are setting up her for tomorrow NCB flame broiling.