Despite the crisis, veteran actor Soumitra Chatterjee's physical condition has improved slightly. He underwent dialysis for the second time on Thursday. Despite suffering from nervous problems, Soumitra opened his eyes on this day. Responding to the call of doctors. Soumitra is a little better today than in the last four days, according to Bellevue Hospital sources. However, he still had to be kept on ventilation. Blood pressure controlled. No fever.

After being infected with corona, Soumitra was treated at Bellevue Hospital for more than three weeks. Later, Corona's test result was negative, but his physical condition deteriorated. Soumitra was given endotracheal intubation or ventilation. He has also been diagnosed with kidney problems. A few of the kidney experts Decides on dialysis. Dialysis can be done 3 times to reduce the amount of urea and creatinine. Today, the second phase is dialysis. Soumitra's hemoglobin level decreased. Platelet count has not decreased again. Experts on neurological problems are taking different approaches. He was trying to open his eyes. According to Bellevue Hospital sources, he opened his eyes on this day. Responding to the words of the doctors. Although kidney problems have been diagnosed, other organs, including the liver, are still functioning normally.